On my usual commute of too many people and trains delays, my way of escape is by observing what surrounds me. The first objects of study are people, but there comes a point when you are the “Train Starer,” so I move on to a new course of study: The mechanics of the subway. My two favorite parts of the subway system are the little intricate pieces needed to complete such a metal beast of machinery and the subway signage.

When I first moved to NYC, the signs were my beacons of hope as I climbed stair after star, entered train after train, directionless. Years later, I can commute blindfolded and get to almost every part of NYC without a map. The lasting useful effects of the signs and the such recognized personality of the NYC Subway system is dedicated to one man: Massimo Vignelli.


FastCoDesign did an interview with him in 2006. His view upon design in the world shook things up.

Thanks and we miss you MV