Wild icons are rampantly running around on our site, creating a sense of inconsistency and surfacing up unknown fears of UI Design. Here are three domains of icons appearing in our UI Kit, that need to be corralled in and dealt with properly AKA sent to a farm to live out the rest of their days).

Icon Artifact 1: Users

There are 5 manifestations for an avatar icon now:

One is not like the others. The single user icon ( .icon-user) is a completely different style from the rest and apparently isn't even in use on the site (thanks to a search by Kelly M). Let's revisit the style of the remaining four icons and create a single user icon that is part of the family and not awkwardly unrelated, because it's a huge elephant in the room.

Icon Artifact 2: Chat Bubbles

There are so many forms and unknown uses currently. Some have speculated that they are antique past reminders of our former digital conversations, here to foreshadow the future of discussion. Or a delightful collection of voices. Or the voices in our heads.

Are we on board with the circle icon or prefer the squarer one? Why does it matter if it's left or right? Let's just all be friends. BUT this is more of a Survivor situation and only one can win the Immunity Idol.

Icon Artifact 3: Crosses & Exes

Not your past loves or religious visuals, but the universal mark that make things go away. Oh so nice. We are transiting into a slicker, slimmer model. Let's just get this done and get rid of the old. IN WITH THE NEW.