After an intense week of very harmful and inappropriate images infiltrating the People's Republic of Kinja, the grays returned.

The grays, meant to keep out the unvalidated and vet the good content, are still the same as they were 6 months ago. Visually taking away prominence to these "pending" comments resulting in a grayed out state were a quick way to keep the readers' minds pure and clean. The "pending" comment then had to be validated through recommendation, responding, and follows.

6 months later, I am still less eager to approve the grays. The actions needed to get a comment out of the grays seem very permanent, definitely not on a per comment level. Let's break it down.

1. Recommend the comment - This sounds like a great and fast way to get a comment out of the grays, but while watering down the star power. Lazy (like me) or overwhelmed with "comment popularity" moderators of blogs (not like me), won't take the time to follow or respond to each comment that isn't spam in the grays or investigate each user to deem worth a follow. Thus, extra recommends, but not a great comment. meh meh

2. Responding to the comment - This seems like a lot of work, and let's be honest, most comments are not worth responding to. I mean, what do you say to this (maybe,"no"?):

3. Following the user - This is the kicker option. In my mind, when someone follows you or you get followed by a blog, it's a BFD. The blog appreciates your words in a consistent amount of time. Or if you follow a blog, it means that this blog speaks to you and your life and you wish to have it in your life, always and forever. There is future improvement of the "follow" flow in works now, but for now it is intense to approve a single comment.


So solutions? The fastest way to get more quality or non-inappropriate comments seen and part of the comments dialogue would be to just add an "Approve" option in the drop down. After enough approves from the peanut gallery or a single approve by the moderator, the comment is approved, and approving future comments from this user (maybe after time?).

The comments organization is also another way to help people understand the grays. Right now we have it separated as Valuable by the Author (interactions) and all replies, with the pending ones hidden, waiting to be waded through. It is almost a filtering system. There is an icon that Gergo found yesterday that made a funnel effect, which is what we are doing with the comments. Or similar to how this header was designed a few months ago in a wireframe, same functionality, but different looks. Just some thoughts!

What do you think would be the best way to get comments out of the grays?